Food science is a body of knowledge dealing with the nature of food, its composition and behaviour and how these are affected by processing, storage, preservation and preparation. In order to be effective, food science needs to be applied and be put to practical use this practical use is referred to as food technology.


The Department aims to train graduates that would produce adequate, safe, nutritious, wholesome and affordable processed foods to promote good health.

Admission Requirements

Admission into 100 Level for Food Science and Technology course shall be through UTME. The candidate must have a minimum of five credit pass at the SSCE level or its equivalent. The subjects must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Candidates seeking admission through the foundation programme or the pre-degree programme must also satisfy the WASC/SSCE minimum requirement. Candidates with A’ Level Certificate, OND and HND degree in relevant discipline from an approved institution with a minimum of not less than an Upper Credit or its equivalent can be admitted through direct entry into 200L.Length of Programme
The length of the programme is five years for UME candidates, four years for Direct Entry (OND and A’ Level) and three years for HND candidate.


(a)    Courses shall be provided leading to the degree of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Food Science and Technology, which may be awarded with honours or as a pass degree.
(b)    The curriculum for the B. Tech. programme shall extend over ten semesters.
(c)    Instructions shall be by courses, students will be required to take approved combinations of such courses as Senate on the recommendations of the College may from time to time determine.
(d)    Courses shall be evaluated in terms of course units. A course unit is defined as one lecture/tutorial contact hour per week or three hours of laboratory or practical class per week throughout a semester or an equivalent amount of other assigned study of practical experience or combination of these.
(e)    There shall be five levels of courses.

Requirement for the Award of the Degree

To qualify for the award of the Bachelor of Technology (Honours) degree in Food Science and Technology;
(a)    The students must have completed a minimum of 195* credit units
(b)    The students must satisfy both internal and external examiners in the written and practical projects, seminars and oral examination as may be prescribed from time to by the Department.
(c)    All courses taught during each semester shall be examined at the end of that semester and candidates will be credited with the number of course unit assigned to the course, which they pass.
(d)    The total number of units taken along with the grades obtained in each course shall be recorded for the purpose of computing the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).
(e)    The weighted grade point of all courses taken shall be used for the determination of the class of degree.
(f)    The degree shall be awarded with honours provided a student obtains a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) that is not less than 1.5 and satisfies other minimum honours requirement.
(g)    Students are required to undertake the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) for appropriate credit allocated by the Colleges.
(h)    Where a student is unable to satisfy the minimum requirements for the award of an honours degree after spending one extra session, he shall be considered for the award of a pass degree.
(i)    Students who cannot meet all the degree requirements within two academic sessions in excess of the minimum duration without Senate approval shall be required to withdraw from the University without the award of any degree.