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The College of Food Science and Technology is one of the three foundation Colleges of Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo. The objective of the College is to pursue efficient and effective solutions to hunger and nutritional deficiencies in the country and promote tourism through research and related activities.
The College offers robust academic programmes in Food Science and Technology, Home Economics and Food Management, Hotel Management and Tourism and Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Four distinct degrees are awarded within the College. These are:
1.Department of Food Science and Technology
i. BTech Food Science and Technology
ii. BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics
iii. BSc Home Economics and Food Management
2.Department of Hotel Management and Tourism
i. BTech Hotel Management and Tourism
The programmes of the College are aimed at providing functional and practical training in the various areas of Agriculture, Food Sciences, Food Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Hotel Management and Tourism as well as Home Economics and Food Management. These departments aim to produce self-reliant and high flying graduates who can contribute meaningfully to the health, agricultural, technological, industrial, tourism and hospitality development of Nigeria.  In addition, the programmes aim at producing professionals that would facilitate the attainment of the country’s vision for food and nutrition security.
The Human Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the Home Economics arm of the departments are also empowered to promote better human health and economic well-being through improved nutritional quality foods, enhanced equity in access to foods, expanded economic opportunities and better management of overall family resources.
Food Science and Technology and Nutrition and Dietetics deal with the application of scientific principles to create and maintain a wholesome food supply for health and development. The department is equipped to supply this bounty by application of a wide range of scientific knowledge to maintain a high quality, abundant and safe food supply as well as making the best use of food resources and minimize waste. Areas of specialization available include;
i. Food Biochemistry/Chemistry
ii. Food Microbiology
iii. Food Engineering
iv. Food Safety/Food Toxicology
v. Product/Ingredient Management
vi. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
vii. Public Health Nutrition
viii. Sports Nutrition
ix. International Nutrition
x. Food Quality Control
This College is set to produce graduates who are at par with their peers from any other part of the world. We are determined to operate above the minimum academic standards of the National Universities Commission and the University, on its part is creating conducive atmosphere for efficient and effective teaching in a normalized academic calendar resistant to regular disturbances plaguing several higher institutions in Nigeria. The College is in control of teaching and research laboratories and a commercial size farm and has a mix of competent academic and resourceful administrative staff members.
Very soon a skills acquisition and Academic Resource Centre shall be established to further enhance capacity building within the college and the ability of the graduates to be self sufficient and create employment upon graduation.